Vialin Design Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I get a quote?

Send me a message through the contact page detailing your potential project as much as possible. I may have some questions for you, but once answered I will be able to send you a quote.  


  • Is there a minimum order?

I try my best to have some flexibility on your orders however depending on the project I may request that you make a minimum order. For business/contact cards and wedding invitations I ask for a minimum order of 50 pieces. 


  • Can you match my colour?

I have the ability to create a wide variety of colours since I mix my own ink so I will be able to match colours easily. The best method to get an exact match is to give me a Pantone colour number.


  • Do you ship worldwide?

I will ship worldwide. Rates will vary on location and size of order.