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hot off the press, colourLindsey ChangComment

Lots of people love the look of kraft paper, myself included. People are drawn to the natural feel created by the warm colour and its little flecks and 'imperfections.' It lends nicely to the shabby chic, DIY, relaxed country vibe that's so popular nowadays.

I know how black and darker colour inks print but I've finally gotten around to testing out how my opaque white would fair on the darker, less absorbent paper. 

I used both my hand set type as well as templates to put the white ink to the test. The results were as I expected.  I'm not able to achieve a complete flat & opaque finish however it does show up and the uneven coverage lends to the overall feel of the 'imperfect' look.

I have the perfect pre-designed wedding suite with this colour combo in mind. Stay tuned!