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hot off the press, design, colourLindsey Chang1 Comment

I'm so lucky to have friendships that have spanned a few decades and nothing makes me happier than being able to share in their special moments however possible. I was thrilled when Alyssa asked me if I could design and print her and Fabians wedding invitations.

They gave me free reign on the design, only saying they wanted something simple and fun to reflect their casual backyard BBQ reception. She gave me a colour swatch of a sky blue/teal mix which was referred to as 'Caribbean Blue' and said she knew she wanted to include the quote Fabian used in his proposal "with this ring my intentions are clear, together forever with two rocking chairs." 

I whipped up an inspiration board as I always do and decided to forgo the typical gingham picnic table pattern that one thinks of for a backyard bar-b-que and opted for a polka dot design to reflect the bubbly personality of one of my oldest friends.