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hot off the press, life snippetsLindsey ChangComment

Back in September I promised Wil a print of his choice for his birthday. I told him to pick a favourite quote and I would make him a 1/1 print for a fun piece of art. He chose a Jay-Z rap lyric and requested it in red. He said no rush, so I told him I'd get it done the next time I had red ink on the press.

Fast forward 4 months and I hadn't used red at all. Cher (Wil's girlfriend) came over for a girls night and I handed the reigns (the handset type box) over to her and she set and printed the lyric for him.. So a super belated birthday gift turned into a one of a kind Valentines gift. Pretty gangster if you ask me.. 

If you're interested in getting a personalized quote, phrase or lyric printed, contact me!